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A century of traditions


Drebbel Gin is traditionally distilled as a typical London Dry Gin with a fresh character from hand-picked citruses. We use eight botanicals and distilled alcohol from selected grain from the finest cornfields in France.

Premium gin produced by traditional artisanal methods, all botanicals are 100% natural and are carefully selected and processed by our Master Distiller into the most beautiful gin.

It sources its water from a virtually untouched natural local reservoir located at 100 meter deep wells and are considered the purist water in Holland. These deep wells located in the largest natural park, known for its sandy ground have great filtering characteristics removing even the smallest impurities.

Drebbel Gin Distillery

Juniper Berries

Juniper gives Drebbel its fresh signature and a piney taste. By distilling it, soft sweet tones are released.

Vanilla Sticks

The vanilla sticks from Madagascar give a nice creamy note, balanced by the Angelica, Lemon and Coriander.

Angelica Root

The Angelica root plant used in Drebbel Gin is grown in France and used to keep all taste notes balanced.


The licorice from China gives the Drebbel Gin the extra sweet note combined with the Anise aroma for a great taste.

Orris (Iris Root)

Growing at least 3 years in Italy, it can later be harvested and dried to a very hard root that can be ground to a powder.

Lemon Peel

Lemons from Murcia provide Drebbel Gin with a nice citrus flavour, sweet and juicy. Our lemons are hand-picked.

Coriander Seeds

The seeds are the most important contributor to the citrus tones in Drebbel Gin.


The Ginger from India gives Drebbel Gin an exotic flavour with a nice bite that ends in a long taste.

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