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Type of gin

London Dry Gin


700 ml


Citrus, lavender, spices and vanilla.

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Originally created to be simply ‘The World’s Best Gin’ without regard to how much it cost to produce or how long it took to make, Drebbel Gin is a premium gin produced by traditional and artisanal methods of Dutch distilling traditions.

Traditionally distilled as a London Dry Gin, all botanicals are 100% natural and are carefully selected and processed by our Master Distiller into the most beautiful gin ever made.

The Original Drebbel London Dry Gin is handmade according to centuries of Dutch distilling tradition, it is smooth with the fresh citrus peels adding a lovely freshness. Juniper and coriander seeds give it its distinctive gin flavour.

We use as many as eight botanicals sourced from all over the world for extra depth and complexity.

Our cocktails

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Drebbel & Tonic 

Ingredients :

A slice of lime
A sprig of rosemary
2 oz Drebbel Gin
Tonic of your choice

How to :

Muddle lime at the bottom of a Collins glass
Place rosemary in Collins glass and then fill glass with ice
Pour Drebbel Small Batch London Dry Gin
Top with tonic
Stir concoction with rosemary sprig and serve

The Drebbelberry

Drebbel & Tonic 

Ingredients :

Bits of strawberries
A touch of Fee Brother’s Cranberry Bitters
2 oz of Drebbel Gin
Fever Tree’s Indian Tonic

How to :

Place strawberries at the bottom of your glass and fill it with ice
Pour Drebbel Small Batch London Dry Gin and top with the Indian Tonic
Add a touch of Cranberry Bitters, stir concoction

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Drebbel Small Batch London Dry Gin