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Born in Alkmaar, Holland, Cornelis Drebbel was a Dutch Renaissance engineer, inventor, painter, alchemist and explorer. He was the builder of the first navigable submarine in 1620.

Around 1604, Cornelis Drebbel moved to England with his family, at the invitation of the new King, James 1st of England (who also was James VI of Scotland).

Cornelis Drebbel built a perpetual motion machine as well as several optical instruments, astonishing the court and monarchs with his inventions.

Cornelis Drebbel

Beneath the Thames

Cornelis Drebbel Submarine

1620, Royal demonstration

After few years of trial, he successfully built and tested two different submarines, each one bigger than the last. In 1620 he officially released his third and final model, while working for the English Royal Navy.

This third model had 6 oars and could carry 16 passengers. This model was demonstrated to the King in person and stayed submerged for three hours, cruising at a depth between 12 and 15 feet (4 to 5 metres).

Drebbel even took King James in this submarine on a test dive beneath the Thames. Thus becoming the first monarch to travel underwater.

The legacy is born

Dutch Distilling Traditions

In 1603 Cornelis Drebbel and his brother in law Hendrick Goltzius bought a house in Haarlem. They apparently tried to distillate alcohol in their basement.

In fact, medicines were made from genever to treat stomach complaints, gout and gallstones.

The liquid, named “Dutch Courage”, had calming effect in battle against British troops fighting in the Netherlands.

Cornelis Drebbel Haarlem

A unique story

Cornelis Drebbel Gin

A unique small batch method

Handcrafted according to centuries of Dutch distilling tradition, Drebbel Small Batch London Dry Gin is smooth with the fresh citrus peels adding a lovely freshness.

With 100% natural botanicals hand-selected carefully, Drebbel Gin is thus distilled in Holland based on over 100 years of Dutch distilling traditions.

Our Master Distiller uses eight botanicals and distilled alcohol from selected grain from the finest cornfields in France

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