The Story of Drebbel Gin

A century of traditions

Drebbel Gin is traditionally distilled as a typical London Dry Gin. Hand crafted according to centuries of Dutch distilling traditions, it is smooth with fresh citrus peel notes adding a lovely freshness.

Proud artisanal and Dutch methods

Drebbel Gin sources its water from an untouched natural and local reservoir located 100m deep wells. Often considered as the purest waters in Holland, “De Veluwe” Natural Park is also known for its sandy ground. This gives Drebbel Gin great filtering characteristics by removing the smallest impurities.

A craftsmanship like no other 

Distilled in Holland based on over a hundred years of proud Dutch distilling traditions, our Master Distiller uses as many as eight different botanicals sourced from all over the world : juniper berries, orris root, coriander seeds, angelica, liquorice, lemon peel, vanilla sticks and ginger. This gives Drebbel its extra depth and complexity.


Juniper and lemon peel, with a bit of sweet vanilla, and a dash of spicy ginger. Light and refreshing combination.


Freshness and sweetness, offsetting the tartness of the juniper, while ginger, coriander and liquorice add delightful flavours to the mix.


Finish is very smooth and fresh. Powerful but well-balanced London Dry Gin.

Perfect Serve

Add ice to a glass, pour a 50ml measure of Drebbel Gin, top up with a good quality tonic water and add a twist of lime peel.

There’s always an occasion

There’s always a good occasion to enjoy Drebbel Gin whether at home, with friends or at the bar.
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Drebbel Gin | World's most authentic and natural gin

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