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About Drebbel Gin

the story behind

Good stories start with a Hero


I was born in the Dutch city of Alkmaar in 1572 and always had a fascination with engineering, invention, and exploration. In 1604, I was invited to England by King James I and spent many years working on my creations, including the perpetuum mobile and the first optical instruments.

But it was in 1620 that I made my most significant contribution to history – the construction of the first navigable submarine for the English Royal Navy. I demonstrated this marvel to the King and many Londoners, and even took His Majesty on a test dive beneath the Thames. I went on to build two more submarines, earning me the title of “Edison of my era” for my empirical research and innovation.

After King James’ passing and the reign of Charles I, I was employed by the Office of Ordnance, creating secret weapons for the King. I passed away in London in 1633, leaving behind a legacy of innovation that continues to inspire us to this day.

It is in honor of my work and spirit of innovation that Drebbel Gin has been crafted. Each sip represents the utmost attention to quality and tradition, and my enduring legacy.
honouring the legacy

Seeking to honour a legacy that lasts for a Century

Throughout his life, Drebbel had close connections to artists and graphic designers, beginning in the late 16th century when he trained in the studio of Hendrick Goltzius. Along with Goltzius and Karel van Mander, Drebbel established an informal drawing school known as the Haarlem Academy or “Haarlem Mannerists.”

In 1603, Drebbel and Goltzius even purchased a home in Haarlem, where they are rumored to have experimented with distilling alcohol in the basement. It was probably made from juniper (or “genever” as said in Dutch).

Inspired by these centuries-old Dutch distilling traditions, Drebbel London Dry Gin is carefully handcrafted by our Master Distiller using a blend of eight botanicals sourced from around the world. The result is a smooth, premium gin with a fresh citrus flavor, juniper and coriander seeds adding depth and complexity to its classic gin taste. So raise a glass of Drebbel London Dry Gin and experience the timeless tradition of Dutch distilling at its finest.

authenticity and traditions

Dedication to Quality and Pureness. Just as we like.

Drebbel Small Batch London Dry Gin was originally created to be simply be true and authentic. This regardless to how much it would cost or take to produce it. With this in mind, our Master Distiller set about sourcing only the very finest of natural ingredients in it.

Inspired by the ingenuity and tradition of Cornelis Drebbel, we are proud to bear his name on our label. Drebbel Gin represents the pinnacle of craftsmanship and authenticity, just as Drebbel himself embodied these values in his revolutionary inventions.

Savor the excellence of Drebbel Gin, a true premium spirit.

deep wells

Sourcing its water from a natural reservoir considered as the purest in Holland

We pride ourselves on using the purest water available. Our water is sourced from a virtually untouched natural local reservoir located at 100 meters deep, known for its exceptional filtering capabilities.

Located in the largest natural park in Holland, this sandy ground is home to some of the purest water in the country. Our dedication to quality ingredients is what sets Drebbel Gin apart as a premium gin brand.
botanicals and tasting notes

A matter of heart, body and soul. Enjoyed worldwide.

On the nose what struck me was the absolute freshness of this gin. Sure, there’s juniper, but the lemon peel is very evident, with a bit of sweet vanilla, and a dash of spicy ginger. It’s a very light and refreshing combination.

The same goes for the taste. Drebbel Gin is one you can sip neat. The lemon freshness and vanilla sweetness is there, offsetting the tartness of the juniper, while the ginger, coriander and liquorice add other flavours to the delightful mix.

The finish is also very smooth and fresh. All in all this is a really enjoyable gin.

Mike gerrard, travel distilled
Juniper Berries (Italy)
Juniper gives Drebbel Gin
a fresh and piney signature.
Angelica Root (France)
The earthy taste of the angelica root is used to keep all taste notes in balance.
Orris Root (Italy)
After growing in Italy Orris can be harvested and dried before ground to a powder.
Coriander Seeds (Morocco)
Coriander is carefully selected after having grown. They give all citrus tones.
Lemon Peel (Spain)
Our hand-picked lemons from Murcia provides Drebbel Gin with sweet citrus flavours.
Ginger (India)
Ginger gives Drebbel Gin an exotic flavour with a nice bite that ends in a long taste.
Vanilla sticks (Madagascar)
Vanilla gives a nice creamy note, balanced by Angelica and enhanced by the citrus tastes.
Liquorice (China)
Liquorice from China gives the Drebbel extra sweet notes combined with Anise aroma.

Quality never goes out of style.
Try it now.

Hand crafted by our Master Distiller into the purest small batch, according to centuries of Dutch distilling traditions.

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